Ether Industrial Dashboard

The NEI Ether Industrial Dashboard will provide users with a cloud based real-time automated data monitoring and collection system. The platform is easy to use and accessible on most web connected devices (Windows , OSX, IOS, and Android). NEI Ether was developed to integrate numerous types of industrial applications, each dashboard is customized to the end users specific requirements. The product is ideally suited for remote monitoring of assets spread across a wide geographic range.

Data Monitoring

& Collection






Reporting /Invoicing

Data Monitoring & Collection

    • A secure outbound data connection to the NEI Ether Cloud will produce Real-time and Historical data for the Dashboard. Data is seamlessly pushed through routers (outbound traffic only) requiring no router manipulation at the users endpoint.

    • View dashboard on desktop and mobile products.

    • Live Email Alerts

    • Historical Trend Interaction

Industrial Integration

Northeast Integration has over 150 years of industry experience supporting factory automation, information systems, power generation, OEM equipment design, process control and SCADA systems.

Dashboard Widgets

    • Customized Dashboard have been developed for a multitude of different applications including Manufacturing, Power Generation and Process Control systems.

    • Data and user information can be displayed on charts, graphs, numeric displays, location maps, and text fields.

Automated Reporting / Invoicing

    • Scheduled reports to excel allows users access to historical data collected in the cloud.

    • For energy monitoring and billing, automated invoices can be sent quantifying usage at fixed or variable rates. The system can even tie into real time pricing to generate accurate energy production values